Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunt

Our Christmas Tree, the day we found it, we went straight home and decorated!!!
This is our journey from end to beginning! I will try to get the next post in the right order!

OMG! Korbin is so handsome!


logan, janine, korbin, gunnar, and oliver said...

hope u all enjoyed these... i will try to get more up in the next couple days!

Knopf Family said...

OMG Janine, HOOOWWWWW FUNNNNNN! I love snow. I am jealous. I almost cried looking at these pics! Good song on your blog too!
Brian is ready to fish in that stream.
Love and Merry Christmas Johnsons!
Annette, Brian, Brianna, Landon, Mayli and Carli

Anne Living Life said...

Love the pictures!! Your tree is so pretty. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We missed you all. Lots of love sistah ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Twenty-ten, you guys! You all look so great!. . . and that view!!!!
We miss you, thank you for the update. I've been wanting a trapper hat, I think it's time to get one in honor of the Johnson family adventure!-nwhittle.

Katie said...

Logan looks just like dad in those pictures! miss you all!